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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Charlotte's Mystery

Charlotte made this from a mystery pattern that I ran last summer for our guild.  However, she waited till it was done so she could put her own spin on it, and change the colors to create secondary patterns.  It looks really different from the original  (here) and (here).  She planned her colors well.  The quilt is 56 x 80.

I used a black/white variegated thread throughout.  There are loops in the white setting squares:

and "bananas" in the triangles and small squares:

The pattern forms two central stars:

Charlotte's color placement created some very different sections of the quilts.  She got all her stripes going in just the right directions:

I continued the "banana" feel in the borders.  The variegated thread gives them a great look:

The backing is a black on white print that hides the quilting well:

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