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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Memories of Ed

This was made for Jane, using her husband's ties and a few shirts.  The fabulous colors of the ties led me to the color wheel.  Some of the ties are traditional prints, and some are just fun - cats and dogs holding umbrellas, palm trees or golfers.  The t- shirt piece in the middle has bible verses in Ed's handwriting.  The middle of the top and bottom rows have the skinny ends of the ties.  I pulled the padding out from all the ties, but it's still pretty heavy.  The shirt fronts I left whole - with buttons and pocket attached.  The backs of the shirts are on the back of the quilt.  The backing fabric and binding are a blue print.  Size is 60 x 80.

upper left section
upper right section - includes  a Cincinnati Reds baseball hat
center t-shirt
lower left section
lower right section
I quilted radiating lines following the points and centers of each tie.  The top and bottom sections are a simple meander.  There is a wiggly line where the ties overlap.
wiggly lines on back
The back shows the quilting well.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Quilt of Valor

Martha and her daughter Maria, in Ohio, pieced this top and the QOV organization paired us up so we can get it completed and sent off to a veteran.  I love the pattern, and she did a great job piecing.  It's 62 x 82 and has been sent back to Martha so she can bind it and get it sent to the appropriate vet.

Edit:  Martha and her Mom gave me permission to print this story:

"The vet it is going to is 93 years old.  He is a relative of ours and served in WWII.  He resides in a nursing home.  Back in the 80's he and his wife would drive their motorhome from California and spend the summers on our dairy farm.  He would help drive tractors to help my husband with the field work.  They did this for about  16 summers.  They became very close to our children while they were growing up and have a special spot in their hearts.  He would tell many stories of his time in the service.  This quilt is just one way we want to thank him for his service to our country."


I did a meander with stars in the outer border, and 2 stars in each of the smaller star fabric sections:

outer border

star section

then added loops in the red and blue sections:

followed by a wiggly line in the narrow blue border.

1" blue border

The backing is light colored, so all the quilting shows up well there: