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Friday, January 28, 2011

Recycled shirts quilt

This quilt is made entirely from recycled shirts from the Goodwill Store - the backing too.  Or you can raid you husband's (brother, Dad, sons, whatever) closets and dig out those old 100% cotton shirts.  The pattern is from Nancy Rose's blog - Life's A Stitch.  She did hers from only 7 shirts - I had to add extras for the backing.  I just kept piecing fronts and backs till I had the size I needed.  It was a fun project.    Mine finished at 52 x 64.  This one is definitely masculine colors, but you could chose women's shirts in brighter colors.  There are some other pictures on her blog.  (Pieced 2009, quilted Jan 2011)

NIPSCO Customer Care Team

I embroidered each of these designs 4 times to attach to all four sides of the top of a display tent (like at craft shows and tailgates).  Their tent will be used during emergencies - disaster relief type of situations.  The designs are huge - 5" x 14".  The blue one has over 42,000 stitches and the black one almost 15,000.  I did them on white cotton, then attached that to the tent.   Hopefully they'll never need the tent!  (Jan 2011)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Leah's T-Shirts

This was made for a customer who was in the University of Illinois Marching Band.  Lots of saxophone section t-shirts, as well as ones from trips  to bowl games, and yearly road trips.  I also made one for her husband a year ago.  He played the trumpet, and I found a quilting pantograph with both instruments, so it was a perfect fit.  This one is double bed size - 85x91.  (Jan 2011)

NOT a Christmas Quilt

I won these block-of-the-month blocks at my guild's 2010 Christmas meeting.  My friend Pat designed the block, and 29 of them were made.  She stipulated that it had to be red and green, but NO Christmas fabrics - hence the name!  I added 3 more so I could set them on-point and made it 64 x 76.  I will give the quilt to Pat as she really wanted to win the blocks, plus she was a great help to me this year as a new member.         (Jan 2011)