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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Tonya's Strings

Tonya has made this colorful string quilt for her grandson.  There a lot of different fabrics, and her neutrals are varied and really add life to the quilt.  The blue binding has been applied to the front, but Tonya will hand stitch it to the back.  It's 91 x 91.

The stars are made from really bright and colorful fabrics:

I quilted random curls all over in various sizes:

The backing is a cream tone on tone:

Friday, November 20, 2015

Barb's Black & White

Barb pieced this great black & white graphic quilt for her son.  It is a "modern" quilt in that there are bigger pieces, with lots of quilting.  It's 70 x 90

I followed the lines of the trapezoids and triangles  - quilting two lines half inch apart.  The white areas also have a line of pebbles between the two lines.

The backing is the lighter gray fabric.  The quilting makes an interesting pattern on the back.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Underground Railroad

Joanne pieced this Underground Railroad quilt.  The blocks tell a story of how the slaves were given information on how to travel safely north to freedom.  It is 86 x 92.

The story in included as one of the blocks:

Some of the blocks include:

Drunkard's Path:


Wagon Wheel:

Birds in the Air:

and a Basket:

Each block was custom quilted, so there are a lot of different motifs throughout the quilt.  I added cross-hatching in the sashings and cornerstones:

There are curls and feathers in the 4 borders: