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Saturday, March 2, 2019

Ruthie's Quilt of Valor

My friend Ruthie pieced this top to give to a friend.  
She always does a great job and I enjoy quilting her tops. 
 This is the second time she has made this top.  It's 63 x 79

I quilted 8-pointed star in each star center

There are simple wiggly lines in all of the white areas to simulate the flag waving

The same lines are done with matching thread in the red and blue areas, 
although it's not really visible here

the backing is a great flag pattern

Friday, March 1, 2019


This was a top I received through a pairing with the national organization  (www.qovf.org
 It's a scrappy 9-patch, alternating red and blue blocks, all with a gold square in the center. 
 This quilt is 60 x 74

I alternated 2 quilting patterns throughout each individual square.  It's either and 8-pointed star, or hooks and connecting curves

In the border, I did a simple piano key:

 this fabric has patriotic words throughout.

The backing is a simple gold tone on tone.