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Thursday, December 10, 2015

T-shirt's for Audrey

I made this t-shirt quilt for Audrey's daughter.  It's 58 x 66.

She wanted a teal background, so I think I found the perfect fabric:

I quilted a swirled star pantograph with a variegated thread that adds some color and definition

the backing is a medium grey:

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

T-shirts for BJ's daughter

BJ made this t-shirt quilt for her daughter.  It's 60 x 66.

I used red thread and quilted a swirled star pantograph that adds a lot of detail to the large open spaces:

The backing fabric has a bunch of Spanish ladies dancing.  Love it.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Sunbonnet Sue

Sandy's Aunt embroidered some of these blocks before she passed.  Then Sandy and her sister finished the rest, and Sandy finished the top all by hand.

I outlined each doll, then added a daisy to the upper corners to fill in the space:

There are feathers in the sashings, and another daisy in each cornerstone:

I added feathers to the outer border to carry the same theme

Monday, December 7, 2015

Mike's Coaching Career

Mike coached cross country and track for 24 years, so he has accumulated LOTS of t-shirts. He had me make two for each of his kids - one from cross country shirts and the other from the track shirts.

His daughter's cross country quilt is 84 x 92.  There were so many shirts that I eliminated any  sashings or extra fabric to leave more room for shirts.

I had to add small filler pieces to fill in bare spots:

I used a simple meander for quilting:

The back is a neutral grey/black swirl pattern

The son's cross country quilt was done in a similar fashion, and is 88 x 96

I did a double loop on the quilting for this one - similar but different

The back is a black dot in a diamond pattern:

The track quilts didn't have as many shirts, so I created a shadow effect using black fabric on two sides.  The one for the daughter is 70 x 80:

close up of shadow effect :

the background makes the shirts look like they are floating on a stone wall:

The quilting has a tighter meander, with different thread colors to match the background and each shirt, with a loopy line in the black borders.

The backing is a soft grey:

The son's track quilt is 72 x 80

His background fabric looks like burlap fabric:

close up of shadow effect:

The backing for this one is a black/grey stone look: