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Friday, November 2, 2018

Gloria's Hankies

Gloria loves vintage things and has saved many different items from her Mom and grandmother.  The first quilt I did for her was from wedding dresses, and the second was Girl Scout uniforms.

But this one tops them all.  She sent me 36 vintage hankies and told me to have fun.  And, boy, did I ever.  This is 63 x 68, and I used white thread throughout for the quilting.

I did a lot of research first to learn how to handle the hankies, and did a test run on one of my own first.  This one I have framed and hanging in the house.

I joined a Facebook Page called Quilting Vintage where I learned a lot, and from there got the idea for the butterflies in the center.

But first - here are 2 pictures showing the whole top in 2 sections:

I quilted a feathered wreath in the middle of the 4 butterflies in the center of the quilt:

Echo quilting around each butterfly took a long time:

This hanky was embroidered with the word "mother", so I made it one of the center hankies:

I fused each hanky onto white cotton to give it some stability, before I cut the size I wanted.  Then used a pastel solid that matches the hanky to put in the corners.  

Those that have lace or a scalloped edge have extra cotton at the outside so I could maintain that image:

I quilted feathers in each corner, and a stitch-in-the-ditch to get from corner to corner.  This also helped to make the hankies pop.  They are really puffy.

I quilted a tight ribbon candy in the one inch sashings:

and a butterfly in the larger white sections used to balance the hankies

Feathers in the outer border add to the whole vintage theme:

The backing is a floral print that carries the colors from the front:

Thursday, November 1, 2018


Another pairing from the national organization - someone makes the top, and then it is sent to me for quilting.  This one is 60 x 70

The pattern alternates a square-in-a-square block with either a red or blue corner fabric, with a white patriotic print in the center. 

 I quilted an 8-pointed star in the center, with curves and a loop in the corners:

There is ribbon candy in the white border, with large and small loops in the red border:

I used a ruler to create a diamond pattern in the wide sashings:

The larger blue border has a simple meander since nothing fancy would show:

The backing is a great patriotic print that resembles a quilting meander: