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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Kathy's pink and brown quilt

Kathy love's Civil War reproduction fabrics, and made this beautiful pink & brown top.  There are tons of different fabrics, and such little pieces.  Her work is a joy to quilt - flat and square and so easy to work with.  This quilt is 59 x 71.

So many different fabrics for all the blocks.  Each section finishes at 1.5"   I did line dancing throughout the block, with a straight line to travel from one block to the next:

There is ruler work in the brown and pink triangle blocks.  The curved section at each end help prevent back-tracking.  That doesn't work with the variegated thread that we chose.

The backing carries the same colors:

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Barb's Quilt of Valor

Barb made this Quilt of Valor to give to a retiring co-worker.  How nice is that !  There are assorted combinations of stars set on-point, with a great striped fabric as sashings and border.  It's 60 x 79.

red star

I quilted a star in the center of each block, with line dancing in the surrounding areas:

white star

Striped sashing. 

 I quilted a wiggly line through the middle blue stripe, and left the rest as is.  I didn't want to take away from that great fabric.

A simple meander was enough for the setting triangles

I alternated 4" and 5" stars in the larger border

The backing fabric has eagles all over.  Look closely and you'll see them:

Monday, April 18, 2016

Barb's Spring Quilt

Barb made this quilt for herself to have a bright spring quilt.  She likes to purchase fabrics from the same collection so they all fit together well.  It's 60 x 71.  The binding has been added to the front so she only needs to flip to back and hand stitch.

I quilted daisies and leaves in the larger areas, and a soft loop through the smaller:

The backing carries on the color and floral theme:

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Barb's Indian Quilt

Barb made this for her husband who is part Native Indian.   The fabrics are perfect for him.  It 46 x 64.  The binding has been added to the front so Barb only has to flip to the back to hand stitch.

I did some ruler work in all of the diamonds:

I filled in areas in the white diamonds:

and left those area blank in the colored diamonds as all that work wouldn't show:

I continued the diamond theme in the black sashings:

The backing fabric is a perfect compliment to the fabrics on the front:

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Marilyn's Red & Black Quilt

Marilyn pieced this to give as a gift.  It's a great quilt - and I'd have a hard time giving it away :)    It's 100 x 100.  I used a grey/white/black variegated thread that blends well.

This is the focal fabric, with all the others picking up these colors:

Some of the other fabrics:

I quilted a serpentine line in all of the larger pieces, with line dancing in the smaller triangles:

The larger triangles of the focal fabric have a fern:

Feathers are perfect for the long white diagonals:

The same serpentine line in the white border.  The outer border has a simple meander as it really doesn't sow in the busy fabric.

The backing is a black/grey mix.  The color is darker than shows here:

Friday, April 15, 2016

Shopper's Dream

I bought all of these fabrics on a shop hop with my guild.  I bought 1/2 yard cuts at all different shops, so there is a great variety of fabrics within each color.  They are all batik fabrics, which adds so much life to the quilt.  The pattern is Bonnie Hunter's Carolina Christmas, with some design and color changes.  The main change is using black for the background instead of neutrals.  I love the way this changes the look of the quilt.  It's 92 x 92

The red creates a poinsietta to help create the Christmas theme.  I did some straight line quilting in them:

I put stars in the gold blocks, and love how they look like a star in the night sky on the back:

star from the back:

I did line dancing in all the small triangles, and wiggly lines in the larger triangles:

There are straight lines in the first black border, and the same wiggly lines and line dancing in the outer pieced border:

There are 3 different fabrics on the back

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

T-shirts for Kris

Kris brought me these shirts to make a treat for her herself.  Most of them are from rock concerts.  This is a great way to keep the memories fresh.  It's  64 x 86.

I used a pantograph for the quilting - they provide a lot of texture and detail without overwhelming the shirts themselves.

Kris chose black for the backing so her cat's hair won't show  . . 

Monday, March 28, 2016

A Friendly Swap

The best thing about a quilt show in the near future is that I get to quilt some of my own tops.  This one was created from a 4-patch swap that I did with friends in 2015.  We all bought the same neutral fabric, and then made 3" 4-patches out of any fabric we chose - no regards to theme or style.  A great way to use up scraps.  This pattern is "Four Patch X" from Bonnie Hunter of Quiltville, and finishes at 80 x 92

I had all of the fabrics in my stash - things I had bought and never used.  The solid red I have had for years - waiting for just the right project.  It's a nice rich red, and it gets the focus here.

The 4-patches in the block create an X, with red and cheddar setting triangles

I did all straight line quilting.  The 4-patches were simple straight lines creating a cross-hatch effect.  I kept the block quilting simple as I wanted the focus on the sashings.  I used a cheddar thread throughout as I wanted the quilting lines to show.

The red corners come together to create a churn dash block

The cheddar side triangles create a square with the grey sashing running through it.

The borders game me some room for more straight line quilting:

The only fabric I had to buy was a couple of print pieces for the backing.  The rest of the backing fabrics are leftovers from the front: