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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Quilt of Valor

Mary pieced this jelly race quilt but wasn't really pleased with the way it turned out.  So I told her I'd jazz it up with some gold metallic thread.  I wrote patriotic words like I did on this one.  There is a fabulous variety of patriotic fabrics, and a lot of them had gold in them, so I used a metallic thread that really glitters when the light catches it just right.  I did all the lettering first, then went back to change thread colors for the borders.  It's 70 x 72.  Mary will trim and bind it, and then it will be presented to a veteran.

I quilted a wiggly line in the blue border, and loops in the red border

A mix of great fabrics.  I don't think any are duplicated

I quilted a star between words to separate them

The only thing I couldn't do was dot the i's . . .

The backing is a navy print.  Here you can see the border quilting.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Quilt of Valor

Becky pieced this great Quilt of Valor top.  A little more on the feminine side - hopefully it will be presented to a female veteran.  There are red and blue stars and the center is a rail fence pattern.  I had fun being creative in the different sections.  It's 70 x 72.

red star with an outline meander quilting around it.  I also added some texture to the leaves and stem.

I used the same motif in the blue star sections

rail fence pattern in the star center with a simple meander

I quilted swirls in the small sections that break up one of the borders

quilting in border sections

The inner border has fun little people

The back is a plain navy which shows the quilting well

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Baby Quilt

Lynda pieced this cute baby quilt for a friend.  I love the bright colors.  I used a variegated thread to match the colors, and since the fabric has hearts and stars, that's what I used in the quilting motif.  It was quick and simple, and we both loved the end result.  She will trim and bind it and get it on it's way to a lucky baby.  It's 50 x 60.

bright, fun fabrics

hearts and stars

quilting shows up great on the bright fabrics


Sunday, February 15, 2015

Quilt of Valor

I made this jelly race quilt and added some stars to the areas that end up with  several rows of the same color, and also in the corners.  I had some extra gold fabric that has stars in it, so I used that between each jelly roll strip just to add some more color.   It measures 65 x 72.   I made a presentation case to match made from the gold fabric.  It has a red accent strip,  and 2 red stars on each side of the top blue band.  I forgot to take a picture of it.  The quilt and case will be presented to a veteran.

I wrote patriotic words across each row, with a star to separate them:

Gold squares between strips:

I did a simple meander in the borders:

The backing is a bright gold with stars:

Monday, February 9, 2015

Memories of Wayne

This was made for Wayne's widow, from his shirts and 2 pairs of pants.  The shirts are mostly fishing and golf shirts.  Size is 65 x 74.

The inner border is from a pair of blue jeans, and the darker outer border is from a pair of flannel pajama pants.  They have little golfers all over:

I quilted a pantograph that has swirling water, and fish.

Close up of the fish.  Check out the mouth and eye  :)

The black is a black/grey print:

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Quilt of Valor

Becky pieced this top and gave it to me for quilting.  It will be presented to a veteran through the Quilts of Valor organization.  It is 60 x 74.

I used red/white/blue variegated thread and quilted it using a pantograph that has flags with a big star where the blue field would be.  There are two more stars between each flag:

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

3 quilts from Bill's t-shirts

I made 3 quilts for Bill's adult  children.  He was in the Navy, so I quilted anchors on all 3 of them.    The first one is Dan's -  he wanted some photos added to his, and wanted "Carolina Blue" on the front:

I framed the photos in a different blue so they would stand out better.  I centered 3 anchors across that row, and meandered around them.  The rest of the quilt is all anchors.  Dan's is 57 x 68.

The backing fabric is red with small stars:

This photo shows the full quilt pattern.  I'm not sure why it keeps loading sideways :(

The second quilt is for Rose.  She wanted a blue front, and a patriotic back.

Rose's is 59 x 68

The third quilt is for Bill, who was also in the Navy.  He wanted a red front, and I found "navy" fabric for the backing:

Bill's is 59 x 62

Bill got the "navy" shirt in his.  This was front and back

"Navy" fabric for the back

Monday, January 12, 2015

Kathy's Quilt of Valor

Kathy made this quilt for her Dad.  It's a great QOV pattern with lots of patriotic fabrics.  I  like the way the stars are off set.   She plans on binding it with the red fabric.  It's 74 x 88.

I quilted 8-pointed stars in the 3-stripe sashings:

and again in the blue stars:

There is a meander in the background:

I quilted tilted diamonds in the border:

and made them meet in the middle to form a point:

The backing is another great patriotic fabric:

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Around the Horn

My husband watches the sports talk TV show called "Around the Horn" faithfully.  He suggested one day that I make him a quilt to go with the show.  So this is what I came up with.  It's 60 x 53.

The colored flying geese are the same as what are in the original logo.  I was able to create the logo in my embroidery software:

I quilted a swirl and circle mix in the background areas:

and a hook and line dancing in the colored triangles:

The backing is a red/black print with some extra flying geese down the middle: