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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Ohio's Squares

Kathy made this as a block-of-the-Month project from a quilt shop in Ohio that she found in her travels - hence the name.  I quilted this last summer for her, but forgot to take pictures.  It was hanging in her guild's show this weekend, so I was able to get pictures then.   I used a variegated thread that has a lot of primary colors in it.  The size is 80 x 98

I tried to carry out the theme of the squares in the pain areas by creating more squares with a filler:

There is simple line dancing in the squares themselves:

The backing is a pretty blue.  Fortunately this quilt is longer than the one hanging on the other side of it at the show, so I could get a picture of the back:

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Golf Towels

I embroidered these golf towels for the 2016 champs in one of my golf leagues.  It's a nice treat for the winners - something they can hang on their bag to brag.  The black one is for a friend that won before we started giving them to the winners.

Saturday, August 20, 2016


Cathy made this memorial quilt from her Dad's t-shirts for her daughter.  A neighboring town has a "Pork Fest" every year, and these shirts are from that.  She is using more shirts to make a second one for her niece, so there are pinwheel blocks between the shirts to add size.  It's 78 x 78.

I love all the pigs.  Very whimsical

pinwheel block

I quilted an all-over pattern of pigs, and staggered the rows across the quilt.
The backing is a black blender fabric, and shows off the pigs well.
 I used a medium grey thread and smiled every time I did one of those wiggly tails :)

Friday, August 19, 2016

Tonya's Stack 'n Whack

Tonya started this years ago and finally finished it.  She is digging out all her unfinished projects and getting them finished for her grandchildren.  I love the bright colors in this one - makes me wish she was my grandma :)  It's a big one - 80 x 102 with a bright blue backing.  I have applied the red binding to the top, so all she has to do is the hand stitching to finish it.

The original fabric is used in the borders, so you can see the whimsical fruits and vegetables that make the great kaleidoscope pattern.

The fabric makes some great blocks:

I did a dense fill in the background to make those kaleidoscopes really pop. It adds a lot of movement to the quilt.  The blocks have two rounds of a loose wiggly line.

I used a feather/swirl pattern in the sashings:

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Quilt of Valor

I quilt Quilt of Valor tops pieced by our guild members, and Lynne pieced this one.  It's 60 x 73, and will be presented to a veteran.  The backing is a plain blue.

I quilted wiggly lines and a small leaf in the flower blocks using a red/white/blue variegated thread

There is just a simple meander in the striped blocks, using the same thread

I found a new pattern to use for the sashings

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Satin Wedding Dresses

Gloria's mother wore this white satin wedding dress for her wedding in 1949.  The brown dress was worn by her grandmother at that wedding.  It's 48 x 56.  
I added a sleeve on the back so she can hang it.

I was able to include a lot of the decorations from both dresses:

beading on the wedding gown

buttons down the back of the gown

buttons at the neckline of the brown dress

flower at the waistline of the brown dress

I copied the beading pattern to use as the quilting pattern:

I was able to find a backing that was just perfect.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Nancy's BOM

Nancy made one block for our guild's Block of the Month contest.  She didn't win, but loved the block, so made enough for this baby quilt.  And it's just i time for a friend's grand child:

I used white thread and did a simple meander with stars:

She was able to use up a lot of extra fabric piecing the back:

The blue fabric has really cute bears taking naps:

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Martie's 9-patches

Martie pieced this 88 x 88 top from Civil War reproduction fabrics.   She has quite the stash in order to have this many different fabrics in the top.

The pattern is made up of 9-patches and plain squares, with a center medallion:

The center of the medallion has a fussy-cut flower that I outline twice around to help accent it.

I quilted a 4-petal flower in the 9-patches, and 4 hooks in the plain squares:

The border has the same hooks as the plain squares:

The backing is a plain cream fabric:

Monday, July 18, 2016

Martha's Peacocks

This is the second quilt Martha has done with this fabric.  The first was in a different color-way.  She found this line in a color she liked better, so did it all over again!  This one is 89 x 89.

The peacock fabric is the focal point, and the other fabrics coordinate with it.

I outlined the flowers and the peacock.

There are daisies in the fabrics that would it the best.  There are daisies in the outer border fabric.

and a meander in the other fabrics;

I put feathers in the inner border, and diagonal lines creating an "X" pattern in the outer border:

The backing is a blender fabric that matches the front and shows the quilting well.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Checkered Path

I pieced this top from my stash to donate as a charity quilt.  The strips and squares were pre-cut in my 2.5" stash bin that is leftovers from other projects.  I just had to trim the strips to the correct length and put the all together.  Really quick and simple.  It's 56 x 70.  I didn't add a border, just used a leftover scrappy binding.

I used a purple thread and quilted simple wiggly lines up and down and across each row:

2" squares

2" strips

The backing fabric was purchased when our local quilt shop was closing and had great sale prices.