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Monday, November 4, 2019

Jane's Anchor

Jane had made this quilt pattern for herself, but her daughter liked it so much she had to make another.  It's 91 x 96

I quilted a pantograph called Ebb and Flow that looks like waves

The backing pulls together the colors from the front

Sunday, November 3, 2019

Sharon's 3-yard quilt

This is called a 3-yard quilt because it uses 1 yard of 3 different fabrics.  It's 46 x 57.

I quilted a pantograph with leaves and flowers in pink thread, and it really complimented the fabric

The backing is the focal fabric used on the front:

Saturday, November 2, 2019

Anne's fall panel

Anne likes to make art quilts - takes something very simple, and embellishes it to make it fabulous.  This one is a panel that she cut apart, sewed back together with a solid fabric between, then was super creative in adding embellishments.  It's 30 x 56.

I quilted a wiggly line in the red strips, an added some leaves in the larger areas:

More leaves in the green border:

and a swirl in the one strip of a green batik down the right side:

I quilted 3-4 lines in each of the letters:

and added bark to the tree trunk:

I added a leaf in one of the open areas:

and apples in the red fabric she put with the basket that she added:

I outline several leaves with a red/gold/green variegated thread:

She added toile to some of the leaves and pumpkins to make them sparkle
and give them texture:

She is so creative in the things she added:


a scarecrow complete with fuzzy hair and at the hands

and a yellow leave that already had veins in it

The pumpkin fabric had some glitter on it, so I used gold metallic thread to accent some of the pumpkins

The backing is a solid green with a strip of the glitter fabric through it.  You can see a lot of the quilting that I did on the back since it's a solid.

Friday, November 1, 2019


This is the 4th embroidery quilt I've done for Kathy - all baby quilt.  This one is 50 x 60 and is all different animals.  I don't have a picture of the full quilt.

I quilted straight lines around each design:

I repeated the straight lines in the blue sashings:

Next was a green border where I quilted loops:

Then a pink border with e's and l's:

The  outer yellow border has a simple meander:

The backing is the same print as the yellow border, but a different colorway:

Thursday, October 31, 2019


Kathy loves her embroidery machine, and this is the 3rd quilt she has made and had me quilt.  This one is all mermaids.  She uses an overlay to create the shiny look.  It's 50 x 60 - and I neglected to get a photo of the full quilt.

 There is a purple sashing between each block, in which I quilted feathers and swirls.

Then there was a white border that has bubbles, so I quilted pebbles:

Then a tan border quilted with loops:

and a larger outer border with the mermaid fabric.  Just a simple meander here:

The backing is the mermaid fabric:

Monday, September 30, 2019

Gloria's Flour Bags

Gloria's Dad bought flour from this mill to make bread.  Her husband joined the process, and she has saved bags from both of them.  She sent them to me to create a memory.  It's 56 x 68

I cut the bags in half to separate front and back, then pieced them separately.  I used the churn dash/monkey wrench block pattern, and 1800's reproduction fabrics since that is when the mill was established, and chose colors that matched the printing on the bags.

bag back

bag front - the type of flour is stamped in the boxed area

I ditched around the bags, then added cross hatching on the diagonal

back and forth in the block corners, (above) 

and loops around the colored part of the block(below)

I quilted slices of bread in the larger areas of the background, and stitched again 1/4" away to separate it from the back ground filler (small meander). 
 It didn't show well, so I went back over it in brown thread.

I used a new circle template to quilt circles in the monkey wrench

feathers in the red border, and a script letter L repeated 3 times, then again in the opposite direction in the brown border. 

The backing is called Chocolate and cherries, and matches the red and brown perfectly.  It's really a much darker brown

The bag was folded in half then sewn in a large chain stitch.  I cut them apart to separate the colors.

She came up with the perfect idea for the name and label info: