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Monday, October 20, 2014

Quilt of Valor

Martha in Ohio pieced this top and the QOV organization paired us up so we can get it completed and sent off to a veteran.  I love the pattern, and she did a great job piecing.  It's 62 x 82 and has been sent back to Martha so she can bind it and get it sent to the appropriate vet.


I did a meander with stars in the outer border, and 2 stars in each of the smaller star fabric sections:

outer border

star section

then added loops in the red and blue sections:

followed by a wiggly line in the narrow blue border.

1" blue border

The backing is light colored, so all the quilting shows up well there:

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Quilt of Valor

Sharon in Ohio pieced this beautiful top as a Quilt of Valor.  I love the pattern.  It has been sent back to her for binding and presentation to a veteran.

I did a meander in the blue  and cream areas, and added 8-pointed stars in the star centers:
The corners have stars also:
The flying geese are 3-D, so the white stitching is basting stitches to hold them down while I quilted.  Sharon will pull them out before this is presented.
I did loops in the brown border, and a meander in the larger flag border:
My favorite part is the feather in the red "stripes"
The backing is red, white and blue stars on navy:
The cream stitching in the stars makes a neat pattern on the back:

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Jane's Log Cabin

Jane pieced this log cabin that was meant to be wonky.  If it doesn't fit - cut it off!  The sides are not meant to be straight.  It's made from non-traditional fabrics - much heavier fabrics - almost like upholstery samples.  The finished quilt is quite heavy.  Finished size is 45 x 50.

She wanted lots of feathers - so that's what I did.  There is a feathered circle in the center:
More feathers in the corners:
and more feathers through the diamonds:
The backing is a heavy canvas, and creates a whole-cloth look:

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Brooke and Scott's wedding quilt

Patti made this quilt for her daughter and son-in-law for their second wedding anniversary.  She had the cream fabric blocks at the wedding reception for friends and family to write messages to the newlyweds.  She put it together using the colors of the wedding.  The backing is a tone-on-tone cream fabric.  I put the binding on the top by machine, and she will flip and stitch it to the back.  Finished size is 80 x 96.

I quilted loops in the sashings around the blocks, and left the signature area untouched. 

The small brown border just has a wiggly line, and the large border has a meander with loops.  This continues the theme of the blocks, and also the border fabric itself.
There are all kinds of messages - both fun and more serious and loving.


Friday, August 29, 2014

Susan's Memories

These shirts are from Susan's "significant other", whom she lost in January.  The shirts were his favorites, and bring back memories of activities they shared.  The cornerstones are from 6 of her favorite ties.  The backing is the same blue that is on the front.


I quilted a meander in each shirt, with loops in the sashings, and a wiggly line in the narrow ones:

There are wiggly hooks in the large border:
Ties for the cornerstones:

Friday, August 15, 2014

Halloween fun

Mary pieced this to be donated to our comfort quilt group.  She will bind it and get it back to me so it can go with the rest of our donations. 

I used orange thread and quilted a simple meander all through it.  I left the two bigger yellow blocks open and went back and added a spider that matches the ones in the fabric.  She can go back and add eyes with a black sharpie marker. 
There are some super fun Halloween fabrics:

The back is perfect - lots of spider webs:

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Golf Towels

These are two golf towels that I did for my Cog Hill golf league.  Next Tuesday is the final day of the club championship.  I've done them every year, and the winners always love them.  Some use them, and other just keep them on their bag for show so they don't get dirty.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Marilyn's Carpenter's Star

Marilyn pieced this top to give as a wedding gift, but now the wedding has been called off  :(  So Marilyn get to keep it for herself :)  It's a queen size - 90 x 103.

She liked the feathers I did on this quilt for her last year, so she wanted more.  There are feathers in all of the star points. I used a gold thread throughout, as all of the fabrics have a gold metallic color in them.
I treated the unit as two triangles and put 2 vines from the center to the two outside points.  I did a lot of back-tracking along the vine to complete the 4 sections of each triangle, and to travel from one color to the next.  The feathers show up much better on some fabrics than others.

The background areas got a swirl:
I did a small hook in the blue border, and I the larger borders I did a meander and put some detail in some of the flowers.  I didn't take pictures of those areas as the quilting really doesn't show.  The backing is a light color, so all of the quilting shows up really great there:
Here's a close up that shows even better:


Thursday, July 31, 2014

Dorothy's log cabin

Dorothy pieced this top to be given as a wedding gift for her grandson. There are fabulous fabrics in this - all pulled from the bright colored circles in the white backing/border fabric.    Finished size is 74 x 87.

Love the bright colors

backing fabric

pieced strip in backing pulls all the colors

There are daisies, dragonflies and leaves in that fabric, so we focused on that for the quilting theme.  I alternated a daisy and a dragonfly in the center of each log cabin block, then surrounded them with leaves. 


full block showing leaves surrounding the central motif

The two outer borders are treated as one, with leaves alternating one side and the other.

leaves in the borders