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Monday, January 12, 2015

Kathy's Quilt of Valor

Kathy made this quilt for her Dad.  It's a great QOV pattern with lots of patriotic fabrics.  I  like the way the stars are off set.   She plans on binding it with the red fabric.  It's 74 x 88.

I quilted 8-pointed stars in the 3-stripe sashings:

and again in the blue stars:

There is a meander in the background:

I quilted tilted diamonds in the border:

and made them meet in the middle to form a point:

The backing is another great patriotic fabric:

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Around the Horn

My husband watches the sports talk TV show called "Around the Horn" faithfully.  He suggested one day that I make him a quilt to go with the show.  So this is what I came up with.  It's 60 x 53.

The colored flying geese are the same as what are in the original logo.  I was able to create the logo in my embroidery software:

I quilted a swirl and circle mix in the background areas:

and a hook and line dancing in the colored triangles:

The backing is a red/black print with some extra flying geese down the middle:

Friday, December 12, 2014

Brenda's Christmas Tree Skirt

My sister-in-law wanted a new tree skirt.  Her old one is one I made years and years ago - probably 20 or more years.  Time for a new one.  She needed the new one bigger - so this is what I did.  It fits the size of the tree pretty well.  It's about 50" across.

Close up:

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Kimberly's Christmas Tree Skirt

My nephew's wife asked for a Christmas tree skirt - she was just using a green sheet.  So after discussing size and colors, this is what we came up with.  It's about 36" across and suits their tree.  I quilted it with a simple meander.

I found a neat plaid for the back side that has most of the same colors - and Miller approves"


Saturday, December 6, 2014

Pat's Paisley Mystery

This is Pat's mystery that I ran for our guild last summer.  Every fabric is a paisley, including the backing.  It's 56 x 81.

I quilted an all-over blunt-end swirl with a taupe thread.  It blended really well on the front and on the back


Friday, December 5, 2014

Karen's Blues

Karen pieced this from beautiful batiks.  I love the pattern and all the blues.  It's just fabulous with 4 borders.  It's 68 x 68.  Well done Karen :)

I followed the design of the fabrics by quilting flowers and ferns.  The outer border has hooks facing opposite directions, the solid blue middle border has ferns, and the larger third border has a flower and hooks between them:

The pieced border has hooks and a wiggly line
In the 4 blocks that make the cross pattern I quilted 2 large ferns in each triangle, and a wiggly line in the stripes
The 5 multi-colored pieced blocks were all done differently depending on the pattern:

The backing is mostly another blue batik, but it is also pieced:


Sunday, November 23, 2014

Cody's Racing

Cody raced motocross professionally, and these are his racing shirts and sponsor t-shirts.   The quilt is 87 x 95.  Cody's favorite color is orange, so I used that for the sashings and inner border, with black for cornerstones and outer border:

I quilted a pantograph called "Brush Fire" that looks like flames shooting up.  It gives the quilt a great over-all texture


These are his racing shirts:

And Mom's shirt with all the sponsors listed:

The backing is grey and black swirls, and was also used for the binding.


Saturday, November 22, 2014

Football Fever

Janet pieced this 68 x 88 top for her grandson.  She used some of his t-shirts, some fun themed fabrics, and plain grey alternate blocks to fill in.

She even added some embroidery:

Mitchell plays football, so I quilted footballs in the plain grey blocks:

The other blocks got a simple loopy meander since it really doesn't show much.  The sashing have a wiggly line.  The backing is a masculine Stonehenge fabric, and shows the quilting well:

Monday, November 10, 2014

Jill's Mom's birthday napkins

Jill had an 80th birthday party for her Mom, and used these beautiful cotton napkins.  She had a great idea to sew them together to make a quilt for her Mom.  I added the border and quilted it for her.  Mom is Irish, so we used a pantograph that has clovers all over.  It's 45 x 52.

close up of napkins:

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Jane's Satin & Silk

Jane pieced these self-dyed satin and silk fabrics that were left over form other projects.  She wanted "puff" so she had me use a double layer of Quilter's Dream Puff batting.  I did a simple stitch in the ditch so it could be really puffy.  The back is a plain blue.  This one is 40 x 52.  The satin makes this really soft , an will be a great "cuddle" quilt.

The side view shows the puff a little better: