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Monday, April 16, 2018

Barbara's fall batiks

Barb made this great quilt for their bed for the fall.  It's all great batiks, and is 90 x 90.

She wanted the leaves to pop, so I did small pebbles in the background behind them.  Then outlined each leaf, and added some veins.


gold leaf

green leaf

I did smaller leaves in the triangles, and center squares of the red blocks:

The red triangles got a center loop with a hook on each side:

I put feathers in the smaller border, and piano keys in the large dark green border:

the backing is a gold and orange print with pebbles:

Friday, March 16, 2018


I received this top via the national organization to quilt.  It's such a simple pattern but creates a beautiful top.  I used a white thread in the blocks and print border, and coordinating threads in the red and blue sashings.  It's 60 x 70.

There are lots of different patriotic, red or blue fabrics for the center squares.
 I quilted an 8-pointed star in these squares, with a hook going into the white corners.

Then they are framed with a red or blue solid fabric. 

I quilted in loopy pattern in these sashings:

The outer border is a patriotic print that I quilted with a simple meander

The backing is a great fireworks pattern:

Monday, February 26, 2018

Maria's 2 Blues

Maria pieced this fabulous top.  I love all the movement in it.  Both the fabrics are blue batiks. 
 It's 75 x 75.

I did all ruler work - creating secondary designs:

8-pointed star in the larger light blue areas

some of the quilting lines created stars, while others are diamonds or stars:

The backing is the same light blue, so all of the quilting shows well.

I did a simple cross-hatching in the darker blue areas

Sunday, February 25, 2018


A guild in Niceville, FL made this Quilt of Valor and it was sent to me for quilting.  It's 60 x 70.  I used a light tan thread on all the stars, and white in the sashings.  I used connecting curves in most of the block, with an 8-pointed star in the center.  The sashings have straight lines, and the border is a simple meander.

I love how all the stars are different combinations.
There is a white sashing throughout.  Some stars are pints, and others are solid on a print background.

Some are all the same fabric - 

and some have a different center

There is a muted military print in the cornerstornes and border:

The backing is pretty wild . . . 


Friday, February 23, 2018

Deb's T-Shirt Quilt

Deb made this top from her daughter's dance and ballet shirts.  She did a great job, and really went crazy with the peace sign fabrics...   It's 50x65.    I used a variegated thread to blend with all the colors, and just did a simple meander since nothing fancy would show.

She wanted the back folded to the front for the binding:

the backing is the same fabric used to border the shirts on the front:

Tuesday, February 6, 2018


Ruthie made this QUILT OF VALOR for a family friend.  I love the big heart that the log cabin blocks created.  It's 66x72.  I've applied the binding for her to stitch down.

The two gold stars are the recipient and his wife.  The next smaller stars are their children and their spouses.  The smaller stars are the grandchildren and future greats.  What a clever idea.

I quilted a simple meander in the background, with an 8-pointed star randomly placed.  I outlined each star to make them pop a little more.  The same quilting was done in the red and blue areas, with a wiggly line in the border:

8-pointed star in the background

8-pointed star in the red area

meander in background

A red flange was added to help frame the quilt.

The backing is a beige tone-on-tone

Monday, February 5, 2018


My friend Ruthie made this Quilt of Valor for a friend.  She added the box around the center star to highlight it.  It has a purple heart in it since the veteran to receive it earned a Purple Heart.  It's
65 x 78.  I've added the binding and she will do the hand-stitching.  It's the same fabric as the backing.

Purple Heart

I did simple wiggly lines in all of the stripes to simulate a flag waving

I quilted a star in the center of the blue stars, and connecting curves around the points of the star

The quilting shows up well on the back

She added a gold flange on the sides to separate the blue border from the blue stripes

here is a photo of the recipient - a good friend of the piecer;

Sunday, January 21, 2018


This is one that I made last spring when the Sweet Stitches Quilt Shop ran a mystery for our Quilt of Valor Sew Day.  We all had pre-cut fabrics ahead of time, so we could spend our time sewing as Joan gave us clues throughout the day.  We had no clue what the finished top would look like.  It was easy and went together fast with the large pieces.  There is a second strip of gold fabric like the red, but my gold isn't really dark, so it's a little more subtle.  Finished size is 64x78

I finally got it quilted, using a panto with stars.  I used a red/white/blue variegated thread to add some color throughout.

The back is a wide back that I found in Shipshewana last February

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Maria's 30's

This is the second time around for this pattern for Maria.  She made one for herself in 2015 and had me quilt it.  However, her sister claimed it, so she made it again for herself!!

The challenge was to quilt it differently.  I made the mistake of going back and looking at the first one, so that picture was in my mind.  I finally came up with a different plan.  It's 67x86, with white thread used throughout.

It's a 2-block quilt.  I did similar quilting in each, but different in the center blocks of the outer rows.

They both have flower petals in the center and corners, but one has zig zags in the plain white, and the other has a large blocky petal in the triangle blocks

I used the same flower petals in the narrow border:

I love the way they show up on the back - it's like a whole cloth quilt

Love the way the quilting makes a large petal even though the sections were quilted separately