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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Kathy's cruises

Kathy made this with photos from all of their cruises.  It's got lots of fun pictures and she will make a list of things to find when this hangs in our show in April.  It's 60 x 52.

There are photos of places they went:

and things they saw:

I quilted clouds in the sky,

and wavy lines to show  movement in the water:

There is even a shark lurking - 

the back is a purple-blue tie-dyed fabric - 

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Deb's baby quilts

Deb made these 2 baby quilts for 2 friends having grand babies.  The yellow had cute owls, and the red has puppies.  The red is 35 x 46, and the yellow is 38 x 50.

The red is a friendship star block and the yellow is a churn dash

Love the fabrics she chose:

dog bones



These have simple quilting to keep them light and soft.  Line dancing, meander and some straight lines on the yellow:

red backing is the same as the sashing:

Yellow backing is the yellow print in the border:

Friday, February 12, 2016

Barb's applique

Barb appliqued this cute little quilt to drape over a rocking chair in her kitchen.  The 30's repoduction fabrics are perfect.  All the fabrics are from a Pat Sloan collection.  It's 56 x 56.

There are so many cute fusible appliques.  I outlined every piece to be sure it stays on, and quilted a dense fill in the background to make those appliques pop.

I added swirls to the dots on the butterflies

stems on the leaves

swirls in the flower centers

waves on the boat - love the fussing cutting of the sail fabric

I did a piano key border, with feathers in the narrow red border:

The backing carries the theme from the front.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Claire's Batik's

I watched Claire work on this at our guild's retreat last year.  She did a great job.  Her top was flat and square and very easy to quilt.  I love batik fabrics, and the colors here are wonderful.  It's 71 x 84.  I like how she used lighter backgrounds in the center, and the darker backgrounds to create a border.

She wanted circles in the quilting to continue the pattern theme, so I did a variety of sizes.  Some are adjacent and some are inside others.  I used a variegated thread to pick up a lot of the fabric colors.

She used a brown to separate the borders from the body, and also a brown with circles for the back:



Saturday, January 30, 2016

Sylvia's Bargello

Sylvia made this beautiful Bargello quilt.  I love the colors and the fabrics she chose.  It's 72 x 96.

She wanted a simple meander in the center with navy thread.    I quilted straight lines and "C's" in the checkered border:

The next two borders were treated as one and I quilted feathers in them:

The outer border has a meander as in the center:

Friday, January 29, 2016

Laura's embroidery

Laura embroidered this around 1960, then put it away and never got back to it.  So she had me assemble it, make it king sized, quilt and bind.  The original quilt is the cream center with the 15" blue border.  I added a cream border to two size to make it square, then a final blue border all the way around.  The finished size is 110 x 110.  I have applied the binding to the front so she can turn it to the back and hand stitch to finish.

The quilting lines were printed on the fabric.  I outlined every flower and leaf.  The blue border has straight lines to fill in the open spaces, and an outline of the cross-stitched border around the outer edge:

There is a row of hearts separating each flower, and 4 hearts in the corner where they come together, and tulips to fill in blank areas between the leaves:

I copied the flowers and leaves to make a template to quilt in the light border:

This quilting shows up really well on the tone-on-tone cream backing:

flower and swirls in the corner of the quilt

The leaves fill in between the flower pattern

 I added a feathered vine all around in the blue border:

This also shows up well on the backing: