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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Girl Scouts

Gloria brought me the Girl Scout uniforms that her Mom and aunt wore in the 1940's.  There wasn't a lot of fabric, so the quilt is a small wall hanging - 28 x 32.   I quilted simple wiggly lines on the seams so as not to detract from the embroidery and embellishments.

She did the research and found the names of each badge so I could label them. 

I made pinwheels from the 2 different fabrics and used that as a border.

The sleeve of the tweed fabric had the troop number, region name, and a trefoil

I kept all the buttons and pockets and was able to incorporate them

The tweed uniform had embroidery on the collar

There is even a Girl Scout fabric that I found for the backing and binding

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Storm at Sea

Kathy pieced this Storm at Sea pattern as a wedding gift for her niece.  I used a cream thread in the background, and a blue/green variegated in the colored areas.  It measures 85 x 100.

The coloring creates 2 large blue hearts - a variation of the traditional Storm at Sea coloring.

I quilted a curved fill around the larger diamonds, which creates a secondary star pattern.

I quilted a large swirl with a hook to fill the diamonds, along with connecting curves to help fill the space

The smaller blocks have figure 8's and connecting curves

the larger blocks have the hooks and connecting curves

I put feathers in the narrow border, and the hooks on a vine in the large border

She found a great backing that has all the same colors

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

En Provence

This quilt pattern is Bonnie K Hunter's 2016 mystery.  I'ts titled "En Provence" - named after her travels last year in the Provence region France.  She chose the colors based on what she saw there - mostly the fields of lavender.  I pieced and quilted it for my guild's raffle quilt for our April 2018 show.  All of the fabrics are batiks except for the solid light grey in the border 4-patches.  It measures 87 x 87.

I did lots of ruler work - as that is my favorite type of quilting.  I followed the piecing to create cross-hatching in the border:

I created triangles and diamond shapes in the red star blocks, with loops in the center and a wiggly line through the red

The diamond shape is repeated in the purple block, with straight lines through the corner 4-patches that align throughout the quilt

The green/yellow block have straight lines, hooks, and the same loops in the center and in the small triangles

I found the perfect purple batik for the backing and binding