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Friday, April 10, 2015

Sylvia's Quilt of Valor

Sylvia made this Quilt of  Valor to give to a family friend Memorial weekend.  It is 40 x 60, and has a central section of blue with flags, then lots of borders around it.

I quilted a meander and stars in the 3 outer borders, and in the center blue section:

I put a pointed meander in the white border, and the central red border:

There is a wavy line in the narrow blue borders, and a small wiggly line across the white sections of the striped border:

The 3-colored border with stars around the center section is all one fabric.  I quilted loops there:

The back is a dark red with gold stars:

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Kathy's Mystery

Kathy ran this quilt as a mystery for her guild.  It's the same one I ran for my guild last summer.  (here)    It's 56 x 80.  She used all beautiful batik fabrics.

I quilted flower petals through the white diagonal squares

and the same in the squares in the central square.  All of the triangles got a figure 8:

I put curved hooks in the black border:

The backing is a fabulous batik that picks up all the colors from the front:

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Karen's Lone Star

Karen was working on this at our guild retreat last fall.  It's paper pieced and I enjoyed watching her work through the process.  Lots of patience there :)  The colors are fabulous and all the fabrics work perfectly together.  It's 60 x 60.  I used 17 different threads . . .

I quilted pebbles behind the spikes in the cheddar sections and also in the bright yellow spots to help those spikes stand out:

The central star got line dancing with loops in the middle of each side of the diamonds:

I love the multi-colored fabric that borders the star and pulls all the colors together.  I used a variegated thread that has all those colors in it, and just followed the waviness of the fabric:

I put reversed "C's" in the black border:

I used wavy lines on the seam lines and in the middle of each cheddar border piece.  I can't believe all the different cheddar fabrics that are in there . . 

The back is a black/white paisley print: