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Monday, June 11, 2018


This is one I pieced.  It looks complicated, but is really quite simple.  The piecing uses all rectangles, but a specialty ruler is used to trim blocks to create the small blocks. 
 Four blocks are sewn together to create the pinwheel effect. 

I like the effect of the blocks staggered rather than lined up.

The blue pinwheel is obvious, but there is also a red one -
 those you have to fill in the blanks  to see a full one.

I used a red white and blue variegated thread to quilt connecting curves in the red, white, and blue areas, and a gold thread to quilt the wiggles in the gold areas.

I used a blue thread and a ruler to quilt in the sashings.  the top picture is the horizontal sashing, and the bottom picture is the vertical sashing.

wiggly lines in the border also -  spacing is based on the piecing in the blocks

the backing is a mottled gold - the same fabric seen above for the binding

Sunday, June 10, 2018


This is one from the national organization sent to me for quilting.  I used a gold thread throughout for the quilting. 

It's the 10-min block, but with a variation.  
Instead of using all 10" blocks, some of  them were pieced to add more variety:

I quilted a pantograph that has flags with a single star in the flag field:

There are stars and loops between each flag:

the backing is a bright blue - not the grey seen here:
The quilting shows well on it.