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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Spring Mountains

This is a bargello quilt for a customer.  She picked out a pattern that was a wall-hanging, so I had to totally re-do the pattern to make it bigger.  I used up lots of graph paper to plan it all out.  She is giving it as a wedding gift - the bride requested black, green and silver.    Finished size is 56 x 80.

The quilting thread is a high-sheen poly that looks sparkly when the light catches it right. 
I quilted an all-over hook and swirl pattern in the body, loops in the small black border, and in the outer border -  parallel line that mimic the spacing of the piecing in the body. 
The backing is stripes in the same colors -  a great find. 

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Quilt of Valor jelly race quilt

This is a" jelly race" or "lasagna" quilt.  2.5" strips are sewn end to end to create one long strip.  That is then folded in half and sewn down one side.  That process is repeated over and over until the desired size is reached.  I started this at the National Quilt of Valor sew-in day on Feb 1.  This will presented to a veteran through the Quilts of Valor program.  It's 66 x 76.

I wasn't happy with it when it was done - there were too many spots where there was a large section that was all one color.  At the next guild meeting, someone had a supply of stars and flags that were already cut and had "heat 'n bond" on them read to go.  I grabbed a few of those, made some more on my own, and put them in  appropriate spot. 

quilting pattern - I quilted an all-over hook and swirl pattern with red thread to perk it up even more.


Monday, March 17, 2014

Camp Mack Magic

I started this quilt at our guild retreat at Camp Mack in September, 2012.  I finished the piecing during that winter, but just now got it quilted.  I knew how I wanted to quilt it, but had to do some research first on how to do it.  The inspiration came from Judi Madsen at Green Fairy Quilts.  I'm a long ways from what she does, but it's a start.    Thanks also for help from Susan at Quilt Fabrication. 

There are two layers of batting, Hobbs wool on top of Hobbs 80/20.  I used a clear poly thread to SID the entire quilt to hold all the layers together, and to give definition to each individual piece.  That took 6 hours.  Then I went back and did the detail work - another 17 hours of work.  A total of 23 hours of quilting. Whew - I was sure glad when all that was done.  The biggest thing I learned was that this type of details needs to me on plain or much lighter colored fabrics.  All that work should also be done on a smaller quilt so it doesn't take quite so long!!  A lot of the detail is lost in the darker fabrics.  But it was all a learning experience, and I'll do better next time.  The backing has two leftover blocks, and is a batik that has all of the colors from the front side.  Finished size is 66 x 76.

Texture shows better with side view.  There are the same circles in the cranberry fabric.
the two different blocks - detail close up. 

"button" close up - This element is one I had seen elsewhere and was the start of this whole idea.
borders - diamonds in brown border and squares in  cranberry border.  The yellow is a flange - only attached on one side.

2 extra blocks on back.  The detail shows up better on the back than the front!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Easy Street

This is Easy Street - Bonnie Hunter's mystery from fall 2012.  The top has been done for a year, and I finally got it quilted. There are Baptist Fans in the body.  I love the look of them even though it takes forever to do them. There is a zig-zag line in the gray border, 1" circles in the narrow blue border, and piano keys in the outside purple border.  I used a template for those circles - they took forever also - had to make sure they were exactly within the border.  I found a batik for the back that has all of the colors in it.   This quilt took 3rd place in our 2014 quilt show.

Baptist Fans

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Blue Ridge Beauty

This is a Bonnie Hunter pattern that took over 1 year to complete.  It was started at our guild retreat in Sept 2012 and worked on as a leader/ender project.  There are a ton of different fabrics, including some donated by friends at the retreat, and even a few Goodwill shirts.  All blocks were complete by the 2013 retreat, where I had a lot of room to lay out all the blocks and make sure they were all facing the right direction.  I numbered them all so I wouldn't turn any the wrong way.  Borders were added, and it was a 3-day project to quilt.  It's all free motion, with daisies, roses, feathers, swirls, leaves, and loops and zig zags used to get to where I wanted to go next.  There are 3 different fabrics on the back, solid white, solid blue, and white with grey polka dots - all pulled from my stash drawer.  The solid backings create a whole cloth look  - the quilting details really show up.  Finished size is 97 x 108 - BIG!!  This quilt took second place in our 2014 quilt show.

Couldn't get the whole quilt in the photo unless I was so far away you couldn't see the pattern!

close up of pattern
close up of quilting
border quilting
blue backing

polka dot backing

white backing

Monday, March 3, 2014

Quilt of Valor

This was pieced by Betty C in Ohio.  I love the pattern, and her backing is perfect too.  This will be donated to a veteran through the Quilt of Valor program once she binds it.  It is 70 x 72.

A fabulous patriotic pattern
The backing has Snoopy doing a happy dance with the words "Hugs for Heroes" around him.
I quilted feathers across each red and white stripe, line dancing in the star blocks, and a meander in the blue side borders.