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Monday, March 18, 2013

Molly's Pillowcase

I made this quilt for Molly in 2009.  She's decided that she needs to have a "study pillow" to take to college with her.  She has some extra shirts.  So I used fleece to match the quilt, put two shirts on each side and a zipper on the end.  She can put a king size pillow in it and use it to lean against while studying.  Totally her idea!!  It's 23 x 41.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Betty's Musical Quilt

Betty made this quilt for her grandson who sings in a choir and also plays the piano.  I didn't get pictures of the whole thing, just the quilting.  The fabrics are the piano keys shown, plus rows of a huge choir in robes. You can just see the edge of a treble clef that she embroidered in the middle.   The fabrics are perfect for both of his hobbies.  I used a pantograph called "Music (notes only)  by Different Strokes, and used an eggshell colored thread that blends perfectly.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Jamie's T-shirts

This was actually a January finish, but I'm just now getting around to getting the pictures out of the camera and getting them posted.  Jamie is a Purdue grad, and these shirts are some great memories for her.  In fact, two of the sweatshirts were not going to be included because she still wore them. But she decided a couple days later that they needed to be in the quilt, so got them to me to be included.  We ended up adding and extra row to fit them in, so this quilt is extra long.  There are even 5 shirts on the back.  She had the great idea to outline the dark shirts in grey so they would not be lost in the black sashings.  The backing is the same black as the sashings on the front.  Size is 71 x 96.  Quilting is interlocking squares - free motion.