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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

3 quilts from Bill's t-shirts

I made 3 quilts for Bill's adult  children.  He was in the Navy, so I quilted anchors on all 3 of them.    The first one is Dan's -  he wanted some photos added to his, and wanted "Carolina Blue" on the front:

I framed the photos in a different blue so they would stand out better.  I centered 3 anchors across that row, and meandered around them.  The rest of the quilt is all anchors.  Dan's is 57 x 68.

The backing fabric is red with small stars:

This photo shows the full quilt pattern.  I'm not sure why it keeps loading sideways :(

The second quilt is for Rose.  She wanted a blue front, and a patriotic back.

Rose's is 59 x 68

The third quilt is for Bill, who was also in the Navy.  He wanted a red front, and I found "navy" fabric for the backing:

Bill's is 59 x 62

Bill got the "navy" shirt in his.  This was front and back

"Navy" fabric for the back

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