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Friday, March 11, 2016

Life at 60

6 of my friends each made 10 blocks for my 60th birthday.  I added 3 more so I could set them 7 x 9. I love the red/white/black color combo.  Size is 64 x 80.

The block is called "Buckeye Beauty" - which is appropriate because I was born in Ohio - the Buckeye State.  

Buckeye Beauty block

My friends know me well - some of the white fabrics have my favorite pastimes - bicycles, golf balls, and Sudoku puzzles:


golf balls

Sudoku puzzles

I did a lot of straight-line quilting, which I love.  That can be seen in the above photos, and in this one showing the border:

Border quilting

 The only curved areas are in the red squares, and even then I used a ruler to connect them.

red squares

I found a fun red for the backing and binding - 

The red is actually a deeper red - not so orange.

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