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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Grant's birthday gift

Darlene made this quilt for her husband's birthday.  Nice gift :)  It's a big 95 x 110.  She likes the 1800's reproduction or Civil War fabrics.

There are two alternating blocks - a snowball and a 16-patch:

I used an oval template to quilt a common motif in the center of each snowball block,

and put line dancing with hooks in the middle of the 16-patch blocks:

line dancing

hooks - or question marks

There are 3 borders, and each received a different treatment:

the large  outer border is a simple meander, since anything fancy wouldn't show in the busy fabric.  The red center border has clovers that are copied from the ones in the outer border, and the black has straight lines .

clovers in red border

The backing is some nice soft flannel at each end, with reproduction fabric in the center:

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