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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Pat's X's and O's Quilt

My friend Pat pieced this from all different fabrics.  No two of the coffins are the same.  The pattern is repeated sometimes, but always in a different color.   I quilted some connected hooks in the dark green border, and did the math to make them meet in the center.  In the body of the quilt I did line dancing, with a hook coming out from the corner of each coffin.  There is also line dancing in the setting squares, but it doesn't show well as the thread is an exact match.  It creates a great secondary pattern, and looks awesome on the back.  The back is two different fabrics.  The quilt is 67 x 82.


Close up of quilting
Hooks in borders
corner quilting pattern
quilting pattern show on blue backing

tan backing

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