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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Karen's Flower Patch

Karen pieced this fabulous top using Judi Madsen's pattern "Flower Patch".  I had made it several years ago, (see mine here) and Karen liked the pattern so much that she made one for herself.

She used fabulous Kaffe Fassett fabrics for the flowers.  They are always bright and have big flowers.  She used black and white as the outer border of the flower blocks to really make them pop.  
There are no 2 alike.

I quilted hooks in the body of the flowers, and connecting curves in the black/white borders.  Then a dense fill in the background to really make the flowers pop.

I quilted another connecting curve pattern in the frames around the two flowers that are on stems.

In the borders, I did hooks in the smaller pieces, and double hooks in the larger pieces

The first border is a black and white printed fabric that looks like it's pieced.  I simply followed the lines between designs to make it look there are seams.  
You can see this border in the full picture - I didn't get one of just the border.

Karen added another border at the bottom of the quilt for some extra length.  She used all these fabulous fabrics to make a piano key border. 
 I quilted a hook with a spike on top in each of the piano keys

The back is even fun

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