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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Sarah's Hexies

Sarah got this top from her aunt, but isn't sure if the aunt made it or bought at a garage sale.  Either way, she wanted it finished. It's 68 x 77.

I used a white thread and quilted simple connecting curves to highlight the hexies, and also to give it some strength since it was all hand-stitched.

yellow diamond

Each diamond has a white center, then a round of prints, then a solid, with white for the pathways between each diamond

gold diamond

I found a pretty yellow 30's print for the backing and binding.  I had to make a bias binding as the two sides are scalloped.  Some of the hexies at the outer edges are distorted as those outer hexies are smaller than the ones in the diamonds, and the edges had pulled up badly.  I had to stretch it some to get it to lay flat.


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