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Monday, September 2, 2013

Quilt of Valor

Becky H. from my quilt guild won the block of the month - the flag blocks. She and a friend made enough of the alternate blocks to make this quilt.  It's 61x65, set in blocks of 5x5.  I quilted arcs in the red border and diamonds in the blue border and larger sashings.   I did squiggly lines in the smaller blue sashings and the red stripes of the flag blocks, and line dancing in the alternate blocks.  I put 8-pointed stars in the blue fields of the flag blocks, and in the one big blue star block in the center.   I left the center of the flag blocks (with the gold star) blank, as the quilting around it makes it pop out.   I used a red/white/blue variegated thread in the top and bobbin.  Becky chose a white muslin for the back, so the stitching really shows there.

QOV Sampler

alternate blocks - also shows diamond and squiggly lines in the sashings

borders - I left the small white border blank

flag blocks


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