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Monday, May 11, 2015

30's reproduction fabrics

Maria pieced this top of cute 30's reproduction fabrics.  It's 67 x 85.  I love the pastel colors and the secondary design of big circles that the pattern creates.  It's a combination of two blocks, shoo fly and 54-40 or fight.

I quilted a similar pattern in each block.  There are 4 flower petals in the center square and corner squares.  The triangle pieces and the plain white blocks each have a hook, then some filler in the other areas:

54-40 or fight block

shoo fly block

The border is a soft green, and and I quilted hooks to match the body of the quilt.

The quilting shows up great on the back as it is a plain white. 
 It almost has the look of a whole cloth quilt:

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