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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Quilt of Valor

This will be donated to the Quilt of Valor program, (info here) but especially to a local group that has just returned home.  It is pieced entirely of recycled shirts, including the back.  I saved the backs of the shirts to have large pieces for the backing.  There are a ton of feathers in the quilting.  I also made a presentation case and label for the back.  The case can be used as a pillow case also.  There is a strip of the case fabric across the back to pull it all together.  The organization will fill in the name of the recipient before it's presented.  It's 60 x 76.
Click on the picture for a better view of quilting

Presentation case
Label on quilt back

Feathered Wreath
Feathers in the star points

1 comment:

Quiltdoodles said...

Oh my gosh I love this. I love feathers. I have wanted to make a quilt of valor. VERY nice!!!