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Monday, February 22, 2021


 I bought this kit in  2014, worked on most of the piecing at retreat in 2016,  

and finally finished it all for 2020 😄

It's 50 x 68

Each separate row was different and fun :

gifts across the top

Next is a row of gold stars:

The 4 Santa faces are my favorite.
The embroidery just adds to their expressions,
and the quilting in the beard and eyebrows makes them look fluffy

The snowmen took up 3 rows:
lots of buttons to sew on them.

Then there were pinwheel candies
and Christmas trees:

The border, backing and binding are all the same great Christmas print"

Sunday, February 21, 2021

 Gloria lost her sister-in-law and had me make 2 memory quilts for her niece and nephew.  I used a medium grey thread and quilted an all-over floral pattern, as she loved flower arranging.  It's 62 x 70.

The other one can be found here.

I made 9-patches and separated them with black to set them off

I used a dark grey for the border, and black for the binding

sunflower pattern used for quilting

a black graphic print for the back

Saturday, February 20, 2021

Gloria's Memories 1

 Gloria is a friend who lost her sister-in-law.  

She had me make 2 memorial quilts for her niece and nephew.  

  Here is the other one.

There were a few different shirts to use,
 so I added the black/white checkerboards to make it a little bigger.

She had been a lung replacement recipient and had this t-shirt

I used a medium grey thread and quilted a floral design as she loved flowers.

I used a grey print on the border and a similar color for the binding

This graphic print was used for the backing

Friday, February 19, 2021


 This is a Bonnie Hunter pattern that was designed for using up scraps of all different colors, but I chose to use it for a Quilt of Valor.  I alternated the directions of the red and blue knots that created a great secondary design.   I used a white thread and quilted a pantograph with stars.  It's 64 x 80  

blue knot

red knot


I used this fabric to create the corner blocks a
s the border pattern wouldn't turn the corner nicely.

quilting pattern

I bound it using a flag print

I used 2 different fabrics for the backing

Sunday, December 20, 2020

Anne's Dripping Sun

 Anne makes the best art quilts that are so much fun to quilt.  She is entering this in the 2021 Kumquat Festival in March.  We took 1st place in 2020, and are hoping to repeat.  This one is approximately 36 x 60.  She will eventually cut an irregular shape, with the quilt itself dripping too.  

She has placed the dripping sun over our state - Florida.  If you look closely you can see where I have stitched an outline - this is approximately where she will cut the quilt before binding.

She added a face to the sun:

close up of eyes with a flower on the cheek.  I quilted in eyelashes.

nose and mouth

She also added many many Florida landmarks.  I outlined all of these, as well as quilting more "drips" in the orange/yellow areas

University of Central Florida, and Disneyworld near Orlando

University of Florida (Gators) in Tallahassee, and the Manatees in Homossassa

The Air Force base in Pensacola

The Datona 500 race track, and NASA on the East Coast

A surfer in the ocean

The State Capitol in Tallahassee, and  the Florida State University  (Seminoles)

a kumquat near Tampa where the Festival is held, 
a basket of strawberries for the Strawberry Festival in Lakeland,
and all of the Tampa professional sports teams - Rays, Lightening, and Buccaneers.

I quilted clouds and swirls on wind in the sky

and ripples of water in the ocean

She pieced the back using water and sun images

Saturday, December 19, 2020


 Pat K. made this for her daughter.  All I had to do was quilt it.  It's 82 x 90, 

and I used a smoke grey thread to quilt a pantograph.

pantograph called "Water World"


Friday, December 18, 2020

Kathy's Halloween Quilt

 Kathy bought this kit several years ago and finally got it finished.  It was lots of fun to quilt.  She did a great job fussy cutting the blocks to show off each panel.  It's 87 x 87.  I had a lot of fun outlining throughout the border, and adding highlights to the panel blocks.

sashing and corner stones

The border was a continuous pattern:

This print was used in the corners of the borders.  I quilted a large pumpkin in them.

The backing is a cute polka-dot that continues the colors front the front: