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T-Shirt Quilts

These quilts  can be made using any number of shirts.  Smaller designs can be combined to equal the size of a larger design.  I have also used printing on sleeves.  Fronts and backs can both be used - all your choice.  If there is a last name on the back of the shirt, I can try to center that in the quilt so it is prominent.  Please be sure all shirts have been washed at least once.

Fabric can be added between the shirt, or they can be set shirt to shirt.  Borders are usually added to frame the quilt, but can be deleted if desired.  You will determine fabric colors, but I will purchase it.  I use only good quality 100% cotton fabric.  All fabric will be pre-washed to prevent shrinkage or bleeding of colors.  I will also provide the batting.

Use of smaller pieces

shirts set with sashings and corner stones

set shirt to shirt - no additional fabric on front

shirts floating against the background fabric

An embroidered label can also be added to the back of the quilt.  It can include whatever information you choose - name, high school, year of graduation, favorite quotes, etc.

Label is customized with information of your choice

I make the quilts to fit bed sizes, or any size you choose.  All sizes are approximate, as the shirt sizes determine the final size.  I am generous in my measuring, so they tend to be a little bigger than the norm.

A rod pocket can be added to the back if the quilt is to be hung for display.

afghan/throw:  50 x 72 - 12 shirts

twin:  70 x 85 - 24 shirts

full:  84 x 90 - 30 shirts

queen:  90 x 108 - 30 shirts

king:  108 x 108 - 36 shirts

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