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Quilts of Valor

If you are sending me a top through the Quilts of Valor program please read the following:

**Please be sure to use a box large enough for me to use for the return shipping of you quilt.

Preparing your quilt top:
  • Do not pin or baste the quilt layers together
  • Press seams so they lie flat, being careful not to stretch the fabric
  • Remove all loose threads and pins.  Do not add embellishments until after the top has been quilted
  • Check ALL seams to be sure they are secure, especially those along the outside edges.
  • Square-up and trim the quilt top to it's finished size.  The quilt will not finish square unless it is square to start with
  • If there is a distinct top and bottom, place a safety pin at the top - especially if choosing a directional backing or pantograph
  • Press quilt top and fold carefully to prevent wrinkles
  • Backing fabric must be 100% cotton.  Please do not use bed sheets
  • Backing must be 8" longer and wider than the top (4" on each side)
  • Be sure to remove selvages from seam, and press seams open so they will lie flat
  • You may provide your own batting, or I can provide  Hobbs 80/20

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