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Memorial Quilts

These quilts are made from almost any type of clothing.  Fine fabrics and knits will have a stabilizer added to the back to help them keep their shape.  Clothing can be "fussy cut" to include a favorite part - logo, design, etc.  Squares of random fabrics can be used, or a set pattern.  There are many traditional quilt patterns that can be used, but any choice will depend on the colors or type of clothing.  Fabric can be added as necessary to complete the pattern.

shirts were fussy cut to highlight these sections

Quilts can be made to traditional bed sizes, or whatever size you choose. A rod pocket can be added to the back if the quilt is to be hung. 

Embroidery can be added to the front or the back to add any pertinent information:  names, dates, favorite quote - whatever you choose.

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Beautiful stunning work.